iPhotoToGallery is no longer supported, and this content is now archived for posterity. Feel free to fork it on GitHub.

Source moved to github

Just a quick note that the iPhotoToGallery source code has moved to github:


iPhotoToGallery 0.67, works with iPhoto 7.0.2 (iPhoto ’08)

Come and get it: iPhotoToGallerySeveral people sent in patches – thank you! It made doing the fix really easy. (I’ve also received a patch that enables converting movies to flash and uploading them as well – look for that to be included soon.) 

iPhoto ’08

Thanks to everyone that’s emailed me about the latest update to iPhoto breaking iPhotoToGallery. I plan on releasing a new version with a fix within a week (I’m on vacation at the moment, or it would be sooner).PS: I know it’s been more than a year since the last release. I’m sorry! My free time has dwindled recently (marriage, a baby, etc…) but I still plan on fixing bugs and adding features. I’ve even started receiving some patches from very friendly developers that will find their way into the plugin Very Soon Now. Update: The new version that works with iPhoto ’08 was released quite awhile ago. Hit the download link to the right. :)  

Subversion Access to Source

If you’re interested, you can get at the latest source via subversion:

svn co svn://zwily.com/svn/iPhotoToGallery/trunk

Version 0.66 released, fixes a crash

There’s good news and there’s bad news. If your iPhoto has been crashing when uploading the first photo, this release should fix that. However, your pictures probably still won’t upload. That crash was only happening when Gallery was giving an Internal Server Error.

If you can upload fine using GalleryRemote and/or the normal web interface, but iPhotoToGallery keeps giving you an error 1001, let me know and we’ll try to figure out what it is.