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New site look…

I’ve finally pulled the iPhotoToGallery site design out of whatever decade it was stuck in, and gave it a newer look. The biggest addition that actually means anything is that I added a support wiki (look to the right!) so it’s easier to ask and answer questions.

Anyway, I’m aware that my design skills are severely lacking, but I try, so there you go. :)

18 responses to “New site look…”

  1. Peter Says:

    Looks great! I’ll have to check out the support Wiki, and see what I can add…

  2. Darrel Says:

    Looking good, Zach! I like the new site design and like even more that you keep the updates coming to this incredibly helpful plugin. You rock! I think it’s time for me to donate again :)

  3. gg Says:

    Status: Unknown error 1001
    iPhoto 6.0.2 and 1.4.1 gallery
    MacBook Pro

  4. stalker Says:

    Similar to gg:

    Status: Unknown error: 1001
    iPhoto 5 – v.5.0.4 (263) and Gallery 2
    iPhototoGallery v0.6 and 0.65

    I was using v0.6 for about 6 mths and all has been good, until yesterday. I now get “Unkown error: 1001″ when trying to create a new album. I tried upgrading to 0.65, but still no good. It was fine 6 days ago. Any ideas?

  5. Anthony Says:

    As soon as my .mac account runs out (I was tricked into getting it anyway) I’ll be all over this plugin. Sounds REALLY great and just what I was looking for.

  6. Coimbatore Says:

    Well this one is perfect for publishing photographs from my Apple Macintosh to Crystal Clothing gallery.

  7. Chris Says:

    It is a design! And it’s nice and clear!
    I like your iPhoto plugin!
    Keep going with that great work!!!


  8. tommi Says:

    same problem as gg and stalker. I was very happy with your plugin, so I hope this malfunction will be solved in the near future.

  9. sb Says:

    That “Crystal Clothing gallery” comment above is just SEO link spam. It has nothing to do with Macs or Gallery. Perhaps delete it?

  10. Sean Effel Says:

    To fix my 1001 error with iPhotoToGallery, I found this solution on another portion of the website. I’m going to try to propagate this answer all over the place since it was such an easy solution and it seems to work for most people.

    My iPhotoToGallery plugin wasn’t making an connection with my Gallery install, it could read the album names but not create them nor upload photos. It would show a 1001 error. I think everyone started seeing this problem at the same time when their service providers updated their Apache servers. I saw a lot of “this just started happening today, whats wrong!!!”

    Adding a single line of text to the .htaccess file in the Gallery2 base directory turned off the security function on that specific dir and made it possible for iPhoto2Gallery to do its job.

    Use an FTP client or your cpanel file manager to find or create a blank file named .htaccess (make sure it starts with a dot). Place this line of text in the file at the top or bottom so as not to interrupt other htaccess processes. If the file is new or blank, this would be the only line of text:

    SecFilterEngine Off

    Save it, try your uploads again. There are some people who still see problems after this, I’m afraid I don’t know how to help. Some people suggest that you could enter this same line of text into a httpd.conf file with the right tags to get the same results.

    Good luck, I hope this solution puts an end to your headaches.

  11. Kelly Says:

    Thanks Sean, that seems to have fixed it for both my Drupal install and my seperate install (Drupal having image.module). So both work now :)

    Was bugging me for months that it wouldn’t work!

  12. Scottz Says:

    Batch uploading using iphotogallery seems to be a little unstable. I can upload 2 photos at a time.

    Any similar concerns?

  13. Sean Effel Says:

    I found it to be unstable with only one web host and usually failed on upload after 5-10 photos. What a drag when uploading like 500, right? Anyway, when I changed companies everything suddenly worked fine so I think that specific symptom might not be a problem with the software.

  14. divermac Says:

    I had this problem as well. The symptom was that I had just reinstalled Gallery 2.2.x after a malfunction and my website was embedded in Drupal. I am the primary admin and my wife is also an admin on my drupal site. After I set up the new gallery, i used iPhototoGallery to upload photos to it, no problem. However, my wife received the Unknown Error 1001 and the albums I had created never showed up in the dropdown menu in the plugin (the dropdown menu was greyed out – both in the plugin interface and the interface that comes up when you are ready to create a new album). I tried the mod to my .htaccess file (SecFilterEngine Off) and that did not work. My solution ended up being to make sure she was actually a Site Admin, not just and administrator. You see, when Drupal copied over all the groups created in drupal, one of them was administrators. I believed that was all that was needed for G2, but G2 only recognizes the Site Admins group as true admins. Without being a Site Admin, you cannot create albums. The simple way to know whether Gallery believes you are a Site Admin or not is to login and see if the Site Admin link appears on the main Gallery page of your site (assuming you haven’t modified the templates to remove this link). Sorry for the long explanation – but it is what I’d like to see if I were trying to troubleshoot this issue.

  15. Bill Says:

    Thanks, Sean, the .htaccess fix (SecFilterEngine Off) fixed my upload problem as well.

  16. c0 Says:

    I have the same “Unknown error: 1001″ issue and neither the SecFilterEngine fix (I get an apache error when i put this in .htaccess) nor the “Site Admin” fix (I am already the site admin) seem to work.

    Anyone else having similar issues?

    I am trying to wipe out the plugin and reinstall but I can’t seem to find where the plugin is storing the configuration settings. Everytime I remove the plugin and reinstall, it picks up the old configuration. Can anyone tell me where the config is stored?


  17. c0 Says:

    Found the preferences, removed preferences, removed plugin, reinstalled plugin, added gallery url back, still not working.

    Sniffing the wire and I see gallery2 returning the following error:

    Your change cannot be completed due to a loss of session data. Please try again. If it still doesn’t work, try logging out and logging back in.
    in modules/core/classes/GalleryController class at line 239.

    Prior to this error I see the authentication was successful “status=0 status_text=Login successful”.

    Anyone got any thoughts? I am using Gallery2 (2.2.3), Remote (1.0.6), iPhotoToGallery (0.67), and iPhoto (6.0.6).

  18. Smart Tuition Says:

    Just happen to see this very old post of yours.

    Not sure which design you are referring to.

    However, just wish to tell you not to belittle your own design skill. Web designs can look fantastic but they may not serve the actual purpose – to present all contents well to visitors – I mean they are often too distracting.

    Remember that simple is good.

    By the way, you have quite a number of spam comments above.