iPhotoToGallery is no longer supported, and this content is now archived for posterity. Feel free to fork it on GitHub.

Subversion Access to Source

If you’re interested, you can get at the latest source via subversion:

svn co svn://zwily.com/svn/iPhotoToGallery/trunk

13 responses to “Subversion Access to Source”

  1. paul Says:

    Ahhhh yeahhh.

  2. kap Says:

    The donate button leads to a 404 in 0.66, btw.

  3. hildgrim Says:

    Yo, thanks for a great plugin.
    I was wondering if you are ever going to update this with a bit more polish. After uploading I get a double / before /v/ so it’s a bug there if anything.
    I’m using the gallery2wordpress plugin in wordpress if that matters..

  4. Stuart Says:

    Zach…just dwnloaded & am hoping ‘to gallery’ works w/iphoto 2.0 !
    that’s the latest I have, came w/this imac inhertance…many thanks!

  5. xijio Says:

    Does it work with iPhoto 7 for anyone? Mine can list and create galleries but, when I try to upload it times out and growl tells me that the upload failed after 0 files.

    Any idea?

  6. Robert Says:

    I got it to work with iPhoto 7, but I’m not sure its working perfectly. The first time I tried, it could not log in to my account. The second time, I exported 14 pictures to an album, but only 9 made it through. The third time, I successfully transferred the remaining 5.

  7. rob Says:

    yeah i can get it to work with iphoto 7…but the titles are no longer working…meaning the crappy file names are what carry over…how do we fix this?

  8. Chad Says:

    Looks like 7.0.1 has broken this plug-in. I had it working with iPhoto 7.0 but after my 7.0.1 upgrade, the option in the export window is gone. I’ve tried re-installing the plug-in but that does not help.

    Any thoughts?

  9. Tim Says:

    I also experienced that this broke. In iPhoto 7.02, the plugin doesn’t even appear anymore on the File – Export.

  10. Wahoo Says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  11. fel3232 Says:

    Thank you for the great plug-in. I will be using this for sure.

  12. Mary Says:

    Finally got this puppy up and running. Thanks for saving me a boatload of time!

  13. Frank Says:

    well, yeah i agree, it’s a good program but if the upgrade/plug-in is not working. I will wait a while to hear good news.