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Version 0.66 released, fixes a crash

There’s good news and there’s bad news. If your iPhoto has been crashing when uploading the first photo, this release should fix that. However, your pictures probably still won’t upload. That crash was only happening when Gallery was giving an Internal Server Error.

If you can upload fine using GalleryRemote and/or the normal web interface, but iPhotoToGallery keeps giving you an error 1001, let me know and we’ll try to figure out what it is.

111 responses to “Version 0.66 released, fixes a crash”

  1. Joshua Lock Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m seeing the 1001 error even though GalleryRemote and the web interface work. I’d really like to help you fix this as I love this plugin and miss using it.

    Anything I can do to help, just ask (email?) :)


  2. Cory Wright Says:

    I’m having trouble with the previous version as well as 0.66 on my MacBook. I was able to upload the first batch of photos, but now when I try to export it is unable to pull a list of albums, and when I try to create a new one it gives me a “Unknown error: 501″ message.

    Any ideas? I also would really like to help with this as iPhotoToGallery is one of the most useful tools I know of.



  3. Gérald Says:


    I also get “Export failed (error code: 1001)”. I use iPhoto 6.0.4, Mac OSX 10.4.6 – (Powerbook).
    Gallery version = 2.1
    PHP version = 4.4.2 apache
    Web Server = Apache
    Database = mysql 4.1.18-standard, lock.system=flock
    Toolbox = ArchiveUpload, Exif, ImageMagick, NetPBM, Swf, Thumbnail, Gd
    Hardware = full/900, full/900
    OS = Linux carr.uk-noc.com 2.6.9-34.ELsmp #1 SMP Wed Mar 8 00:27:03 CST 2006 i686

    I hope this can help.


  4. Ryan Says:

    I am getting the same error, and I am unable to upload or create new sub-albums via .66

  5. Thomas Says:

    same problem as Ryan

  6. Geoff Says:

    Unfortunately, I am in the same boat as Ryan and Gérald. Almost identical specs as Gérald. I am so glad you are aware of this, I thought I was going crazy. Happy to help in any way I can.

  7. Bernard Says:

    Unfortunately, I am getting the same error as above. I did a clean install of latest Gallery 2.1.1 using iPhoto 6.0.4(updated today). Never had a single success upload. Would this be iphoto 6.0.4 causing the problem?


  8. Jake Says:

    Not having exactly the same problem but similar. When iPhotoToGallery tries to log in it fails and says “Could not connect to the gallery.” I captured the HTTP traffic and I can see it makes a request for gallery_remote2.php and gets the correct 404 response. It doesn’t try to connect to the new gallery2 remote protocol after that.

  9. Bernard Says:

    pls make sure you installed the latest version of remote module. At first I got this error too, after I put in the lastest remote module, it work OK to connect with the gallery2.

    hope this help

  10. John Says:

    I also get the “Could not connect to the gallery” error. I have what appears to be the latest version of the remote module installed: 1.0.6. This happens independent of the machine I try to upload from, so maybe it is a server issue. BTW, Gallery2Export works, but I do not like the way it handles (or doesn’t handle) photo titles.

  11. Joseph Elwell Says:

    I turned off apache’s mod_security that I installed today and this fixed my 1001 errors that I started getting in iphoto2gallery.

    iPhoto2Gallery, possibly gallery remote, and who knows what else were all broken by this:
    Joseph Elwell.

  12. Roboto Says:

    Yups – as Joseph mentioned above.

    Gallery remote worked fine in Gallery 1.5.3 – but had 1001 errors while uploading via iPhotoToGallery.

    Disabling mod_security in .htaccess fixed the 1001 errors!

    Thanks Joseph!!

  13. Bernard Says:

    yes! you are right!
    adding this line to .htaccess will fix the 1001 errors

    SecFilterEngine Off

  14. Gérald Says:


    Please, please, can you tell me where exactly this line should be set? in the gallery folder?


  15. Bernard Says:

    use ftp create a blank file name .htaccess (yes, start with DOT)
    put in the line

    SecFilterEngine Off

    the .htaccess should be in your gallery directory

  16. Gérald Says:

    Thank you Bernard. There is allready a .htaccess file in my Gallery directory but if I add this line, Gallery crash. :-(
    I’d really love to use iphototogallery – if anyone has an idea…


  17. Oscar M. Says:

    I’ve also had to disable mod_security to work. Mod security is blocking the uploads because of an invalid Content-Disposition header. These are the lines in my audit log:

    148191:User-Agent: iPhotoToGallery
    148192-Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=–099389CA-4FF4-4526-83B1-3A26D18089DF-502-000000A100366E28–
    148193-Content-Length: 1041
    148194-Connection: keep-alive
    148195-Host: http://www.los-merida.com
    148196-mod_security-message: Access denied with code 500. Error processing request body: Multipart: invalid Content-Disposition header (-3): form-data; name=”g2_controller”;
    148197-mod_security-action: 500

  18. Zach Wily Says:

    Thanks for all these comments – Oscar seems to have gotten to the root of the problem. I’ll see if I can fix the Content-Disposition header so mod_security is cool with it.

  19. james Says:

    I’ve tried the “SecFilterEngine Off” line in my .htaccess file and it has restored functionality of iPhototoGallery for me. Thanks for the tip !

  20. Martin Says:

    If you have problems to enter the line in your .htaccess file, leaving Apache to retunr an error 500 – Internal Server Configuration Error, try to enter it into your httpd.conf. To make sure it won’t fail, nest it into tags

  21. Martin Saleteg Says:

    I got the 1001 error as well, but only when using http password protection. Removing http password protection on the server directory makes the uploads work fine.

    I’ll tcpdump some http traffic to the server and try to figure out what happens, then send a patch if I fix it.

  22. Michael Etzel Says:

    The SecFilterEngine Off is working here too – thanks for a great free plugin!

  23. Ed Says:

    Where is the httpd.conf. file?

  24. iPhotoToGallery is Back at Etzel.com Updates Says:

    [...] Check it out – after about 8 months of being broken, it looks like I now have a way of getting the bulk of this site up and running… [...]

  25. Chris Erickson Says:

    The .htaccess file worked for me as well, with 2.1.1 (most recent Gallery release) using iPhoto 6.0.4, etc. This is the icing on the cake for me, and makes it quite useful now.

    Thanks for the good work!

  26. Craig Jones Says:

    The 0.66 version gives me the 1001 error, I also cannot export to 800 x 600.

  27. san Says:

    SecFilterEngine Off

    Works for me. And I am thrilled. No crashes on export resize to 640×480; no 1001 error; and the exported picture actually shows up in the Gallery album.

    Peachy keen.

  28. Scott Dye Says:

    SecFilterEngine Off worked for me as well. I still had some problems getting an entire batch to upload on one computer, but it worked fine on another.

  29. Martin Newby Says:

    I also get the error 500 when adding the .htaccess file. Can anybody tell me how to do this using the httpd.conf file as mentioned above? My iMac crashed last week and was working fine with IphototoGallery, but after a reboot I get a ‘can not connect to server’ message. (using iPhoto 5.0.4, the latest Gallery installation and Gallery remote module..)


  30. Gérald Says:

    Hi there,
    When I put “SecFilterEngine Off” in the .htaccess file, I get an error:


  31. Ezra Says:

    Let’s discuss this here: http://zwily.com/iphoto/wiki/index.php?n=IPhoto6Errors.IPhoto6Errors

  32. Peter Says:

    Any more movement on this? Did Oscar’s solution work? Will there be a new release soon?

  33. Stephen Says:

    I am not using Apache but JBoss to run Gallery 1.5. iPhotoToGallery uploads result in a 1001 error. But I am able to create albums, log in etc.

    I found the problem to be related to basic http authentication. If I disble this for the site then everything works. If I enable it uploads will not work.

    Any solutions?

  34. Dana Says:

    I added SecFilterEngine Off to the bottom of my .htaccess file and it works great! Saves me a LOT of time adding pics to my albums and leaves me more time for what’s important, adding content to my site!

  35. Steve Says:

    The SecFilterEngine Off trick worked for me as well. Newest versions of iPhoto and Gallery2 (2.1.2) On a linux server using Apache.

    Thanks for a great plugin!

  36. Kris Says:

    I did not need the SecFilterEngine trick. I also noticed failure with these entries in my apache2.conf when basic auth is enabled:

    Satisfy all
    Require valid-user

    Thanks for the plugin and all the hard work!

  37. Jenny Says:

    I am able to make new albums with the iPhoto to Gallery, but I get the error code 1001 whenever I try to export the pictures. Any ideas?


  38. Aidan Says:

    Error 1001 I’m afraid. Have tried to add the SecFilterEngine Off line to .htaccess but no luck. Hopefully a fix will come soon!

  39. Gary Dickey Says:

    I added

    SecFilterEngine Off

    to the .htaccess file in Gallery, at the very end of the file, and that fixed gettting the 1001 errors.

    iphoto 6.o5
    Mac OSX 10.4.8
    Mac Pro

    All is well now

  40. Brent R. Says:

    Ditto what Gary Dickey said above. All good now!

  41. Kelly Says:

    I added the SetFilterEngine Off to the .htaccess file, and it hasn’t fixed the error.

    The error just suddenly started happening today.

    I’m unsure what version of gallery is installed on the site, it is also using Drupal, so not sure whether the .htaccess in files/ or the one in / needs editing.

    Any ideas? Image import/upload works fine by using the Drupal create content/image function.

  42. Tom Says:

    Ditto.. I’ve added both the SetFilterEngine off and Satisfy All to my .htaccess file and I still get the error. using Apache 1.3.x and latest Gallery/Iphoto

  43. Bertie Says:

    I posted last week but it seems to have dissapeared!

    I get 1001 errors when I am logged in to the gallery through a browser. If I logout, close iPhoto, close browser and leave it (some unknown length of time) iPhoto will start uploading.

    Seems like the server/gallery doesn’t like two simultaneous login’s and has a timeout before the status is reset.

    I haven’t tried the SetFilterEngine Off setting.



  44. Bertie Says:

    Hmmm… my last theory didn’t hold water too long, wouldn’t upload this morning and had not been to gallery.

    Changed username to login as admin, worked straight away!



  45. Gavin Anderson Says:

    I get a 1001 error if I try to create a new album or subalbum through the plugin.

    I use iPhoto 4.0.3, Mac OSX 10.3.9.
    Gallery version 2.1.2
    PHP version 4.4.1 apache
    Webserver Apache
    Database mysql 4.0.27
    Toolkits NetPBM, Gd
    Operating system FreeBSD host333.ipowerweb.com 4.11-STABLE FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE #0: Wed Apr i386

    Hope this helps. I also get a 1001 error when I try t upload to an existing album.

  46. Mikael Says:

    Any new version soon? This plugin doesen’t work at all longer.

  47. D Sader Says:

    SecFilterEngine Off

    First(only) line of .htaccess works!


  48. Ian Fitter Says:

    SecFilterEngine Off works here!

  49. Zach F. Says:

    I just upgraded gallery via svn and the 1001 error has gone away. i’m uploading greenland pics as i type. :) i’m also using the latest stable thats downloadable from this site. so good news from my corner of the web, it appears that it was a bug in gallery, not iPhotoToGallery :)


  50. Christian Says:

    I’m using the latest plugin (0.66) and the latest stable release of Gallery2 (2.1.2). I don’t have mod_security in my otherwise standard Apache config so attempting to add anything to httpd.conf results in Apache failing to restart. Likewise, if I modify the .htaccess file to insert the “SecFilterEngine Off” line I get 500 errors when accessing pages in G2. The only non-standard thing about my Gallery install is that it’s G2 and the access URL is /gallery (not the default /gallery2). I can always login and list the albums via the plugin and sometimes when I haven’t accessed G2 for a while I can upload 12-15 images, but the moment something craps out and I get the 1001 error that’s it and I can’t upload additional images regardless of what component is restarted. Given some light instruction I can supply you with any client or server side data you need to find a solution to this, including remote access to an aflicted server (a Win2k3 box) if required.

  51. matt Says:

    .htaccess worked for me after the plug stopped working out of the blue.

    using 0.66 plugin version with 2.2 nightly build, (who knows the date), shared linux hosting account.

    huzzah! it works now is all I care.

  52. gee Says:

    The plugin has been working great for months. Except now it will export the first picture in the iPhoto album and then 1001 and die. Is there a server side log? The iPhoto application log is useless.
    (I used the SecFilterEngine Off line too…)

  53. Christian Says:

    More info on my situation. If I try uploading directly into G2 via the web admin pages (add items) the process times out and I see this:

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\wordpress\gallery\main.php on line 22

    Also, if I use GalleryRemote (latest version) the upload of a single image fails with the following error:

    IMG_4231.JPG: Error: Server contacted, but Gallery not found at this URL ( http://www.domain.net/gallery/main.php ) **domain name changed to protect the inocent**

    This would kind of hint at some kind of server side issue that takes place as the photo upload takes place, not necessarily a plugin problem. Any ideas on where to start looking for clues on what’s bust?

  54. Alex Brasetvik Says:

    A reproducible way of getting a 1001-error to a working gallery, is by simply adding a non-ASCII-character to either the album title or name. The gallery description seems to not be affected.

    Thus a quick “fix” is to simply not have those characters in the title or name — I’m looking into a more sane way of fixing this, although I’m not very into Objective-C. :)

  55. Rick Soldin Says:

    I have problems with the 1001 error also. Gallery version = 2.1.2 core and MacOS 10.4.8. I didn’t see a .htaccess file in my gallery folder so I added one with the SecFilterEngine Off as the only line in the file.

    Every thing worked just fine after this. I hope it keeps working. Any luck on an update for this great plugin?


  56. Alex Brasetvik Says:

    My gallery-installations have defaulted to a non-utf8 character set. Since the responses from gallery_remote doesn’t advertise its charset, “sniffedEncoding” thus defaults to UTF8 — resulting in (NSDictionary*)parseResponseData:(NSData*)responseData trying to convert data with bogus encoding-information.

    The easiest fix to this is to explicitly set $nls['default']['charset'] = ‘utf-8′; in nls.php – and then rename the albums with new encoding (if needed).

    Hope this helps!

  57. Kelly Says:

    the .htaccess line seems to have now worked, when it didn’t in the past (I think my drupal 4.7.0 install was a bit fubar).

    All works great again! thanks!

  58. Wubbo Says:

    for me the Secfilter line did the trick as well – using iPhoto 6, intel mac, Gallery 2.1.2


  59. Scottz Says:

    I am using iphoto 6, Gallery 2.1.2 and export via iphotogallery from Singapore. Love this plugin. Now I can backup and archive my photos. I had the 1001 error too.

    creating a .htaccess file in in the Gallery folder works!

    Four steps to successful pictire backup

    1. Go to your gallery folder
    2. Create a .htaccess (text document) using your text editor
    3. Type this sentence

    SecFilterEngine Off

    4. Test by exporting your photos via iphoto 6>Share> Export

    Good luck!

  60. Adam T Says:

    hey guys

    i added a second line to the .htaccess and it seems to work now:

    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off

  61. Ludwig K Says:

    1001 strikes here too and after reading all comments I did modify my .htaccess to include “SecFilterEngine Off”
    After I did this iPhotoToGallery tells me “No gallery found at URL”, as soon as I remove the .htaccess the Plug-In can again access the gallery. Very funny and unplesant.
    Gallery is 2.1.2
    iPhoto 6.0.5
    On the serverside I am not sure but my provider runs gallery as cgi as a way to achive savemode = off without the need for a dedicated server. Also my picture dir is not web accessibel, just like the gallery setup wanted it to be.
    Any ideas?

  62. Tom Kerswill Says:

    Hi had the same problem (error 1001) – and changing .htaccess did nothing to help… But:

    After downloading the new G2.2, I then went to the “more plugins” page on my control panel and upgraded the Remote plugin to 1.0.8 – and that did the trick :-)

  63. Jess Says:

    Same as others. Changing .htaccess file doesn’t change a thing. 1001 errors…

  64. Fish Says:

    Hey! Thanks for an awesome plugin. I have one weird issue. When I check off “Open Album in Browser…” option, it opens safari but the path is wrong: Maybe its my fault, but I’m not sure:

    IT ends up going to a path with an extra SLASH in the url:


    See the extra slash after gallery?

    Any ideas where the problem is.

    Thanks again.

  65. Eric Says:

    Great work on the plugin. Just to let everyone know the expermental version of remote 1.0.8 fixed my 1001 problem without having to use the .htaccess fix. When I would put the .htaccess file in the gallery2 directory I could not launch gallery from any web browser.

    Thank you!

  66. Michael Says:

    I got the error 1001 message when trying to create an album or upload a file from iphoto using Gallery 2.1.2 and iphoto to gallery .66. Tried creating the .htaccess file as recommended and this now allows me to create an album in gallery from iphoto. BUT, still getting the error 1001 code when uploading from Iphoto. H-E-L-P!!! Any ideas, anyone?

  67. Rayne Says:

    I can connect to the gallery and it will retrieve the albums, but I get a 1001 error when trying to upload photos. Also get a 1001 error when trying to create a new album via the plugin. If I create it on the web interface then it will find it in the plugin, but still won’t upload photos.

  68. Rayne Says:

    I edited my .htaccess file and it works now. Woohoo!!

  69. pilar Says:

    Editing the .htaccess works. The errors that other replies have gotten is most likely caused by trash in the file itself. Do not use textedit to create the file. Either make the file in your web site file manager or in something like textwrangler otherwise unwanted(and unseen) characters appear that cause Apache errors.
    Good luck.
    Now I am going to donate to a worthy cause.

  70. Nick Says:

    Just thought I would drop a note, and let you know that I am running 2.2 r1 and had to create the .htaccess file in the gallery directory. My gallery is on a “sub-domain” and when I created the .htaccess file, I just copied the file from another location. I cleared out all coding. I then added 2 lines. (only 2 lines in file)

    “SecFilterEngine Off”
    “SecFilterScanPost Off”

    *Without quotes”

    Tried uploading pictures and without a problem they were uploaded. I also created an album. All worked great!

    Thanks for the excellent plug-in!!


  71. Tim Waring Says:

    Hey Zach Wily,

    I’m a big fan of your Gallery and iPhoto work. Thanks. I recently tried to upload pictures through iPhotoToGallery from another computer to the same standard account where I upload my photos to a friends server. Exactly the same settings, but different machine. It gives me a 1001 error. All I could think was it must be logging my hardware address. Hope this helps.


  72. Nick Says:

    Thanks Tom – I was having the same problem after upgrading to Gallery 2.2. Upgrading the “Remote” plugin to the latest (currently 1.9) did the trick.

  73. MattRocker Says:

    Hey guys, been fiddling with this for a few days now. I had to do a combo of:

    - create .htaccess
    - upgrade “Remote” plugin

    Good to go. And for the record, both of these also brought back functionality of Gallery Remote.


  74. daisy Says:

    Was having the same 1001 error with iPhoto and gallery 2.1.2- did the one fix by creating the .htaccess file with the one line with no success, but did when I added the second line it worked-

    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off

    Second line of code TOTALLY helped….

  75. Tim Says:

    I just upgraded to the latest 2.1.2 gallery version, and had 1001 errors. I solved it by going to the gallery admin site, clicking plugins, and clicked the “get more plugins” tab. Click the “Update Plugin List”. Then I updated the Remote module to version 1.0.9 (upgraded a few others, but nothing related to remote logins), and I could all of a sudden re-use gallery remote.

  76. dan Says:

    SecFilterEngine Off worked for me!
    thanks so much whoever figured this out…

  77. Erin Dalzell Says:

    The .htaccess stuff didn’t work for me, but upgrading the Remote gallery plugin did.

  78. John Says:

    I have G2 (2.2.1) and the 0.66 version of the plugin. I received the 1001 error right after I upgraded from G2 2.1.2. Nothing worked until I went in and clicked the button (in G2 Site Admin/Plugins) for Get More Plugins. It told me my Remote plugin was out of date and so I upgraded to version 1.0.9 and now iPhototoGallery works perfectly! Thank you for such a great help getting pics into my gallery.

  79. Adam Says:

    Adding the .htaccess line did not work for me, but upgrading the Remote plugin did!

  80. TomL Says:

    I tried the .htaccess edit without success. Then I upgraded the Gallery Remote plugin to 1.0.9 and it now works! Thanks John.

  81. Gavyn Says:

    I have just done a fresh install of Gallery 2.2.1, along with the Remote plugin 1.0.9 and iPhotoToGallery gives me the 1001 error. On Windows the Gallery Remote software works fine, so I don’t think there is anything that I have setup wrong. I’ve had iPhotoToGallery working fine in the past with older versions of everything.

  82. Matthias Says:

    I have updated my gallery to 2.2 and use the latest iPhototoGallery plugin.
    At the moment the plugin don’t work, because I think the new security feature in gallery.
    is there a workaround or a newer version of the plugin fixing this problem?

  83. Tim Says:

    Hey, I also get error 1001. My friend’s gallery server is an updated version of gallery, perhaps that’s the problem.

    do let us know when there’s a new version that works. not having iPhotoToGallery is really cramping our style!

    Thanks for the great service!


  84. Darrel Says:

    Updating the Remote plugin is totally what fixed this for me. My install wouldn’t let me do it through the admin CP; but I was able to go the G2 website, download the module, upload through FTP, and then “install” in the G2 CP (after I had “uninstalled” in the CP first, of course). Just created an nested album and uploaded some pics just fine.

    Hope all is well, Zach!
    ~Darrel (the first to donate to this great project) ;)

  85. Gavin Anderson Says:


    SecFilterEngine Off

    to the .htaccess (in the Gallery 2.2 directory) worked for me, too. Thanks for the free plugin (though I hav donated to the cause) and thanks everyone else for your hints on how to fix this 1001 error :-)

  86. Mak Says:

    add the code to .htaccess really works, thanks!

  87. Alaska Says:

    I tried the .htaccess edit without success. Then I upgraded the Gallery Remote plugin to 1.0.9 and it now works!


  88. Jubal Kessler Says:

    I noticed that the upload speed from my MacBook to a Linux server on a home LAN, using iPhotoToGallery, maxes out at 135 KB/sec. If I do a direct upload of a file using the gallery2 website itself, the upload completes quickly at 2+ MB/sec. (I’m on 802.11g wireless.)

    My question is: “Why is iPhotoToGallery slower than a direct upload?”

    I wonder if I’m missing something, e.g. maybe the upload mechanism for iPhotoToGallery doesn’t use POST, but I can’t tell what it is without digging through the svn code and I’m just preflighting my question here first :-)

    Thanks in advance.

  89. Zach Wily Says:

    Jubal -

    The upload does use POST. I’m not sure why it would be so much slower for you. There haven’t been a lot of complaints about speed with the plugin.

    Are you determining the upload speed by looking at Activity Monitor?

  90. Mark Bryars Says:

    for me, Alex Brasetvik’s fix helped my Error 1001 whilst Fetching Albums

    “set $nls[’default’][’charset’] = ‘utf-8′; in nls.php
    – and then rename the albums with new encoding (if needed).”

    I had an album description with a pound sign in it, which was breaking the plugin.

  91. Eric Flatt Says:

    So, I looked through the comments as to how to address the 1001 error, thus far w/ no success:

    1. I put a .htaccess file containing:
    php_value memory_limit 16M
    SecFilterEngine Off

    into both: /var/www/gallery as well as /var/www/gallery/gallery2

    2. I looked for nls.php, it’s nowhere in my tree…

    I am running 2.2.2 (the latest gallery).

    Any other suggestions? the httpd logs all simply seem to indicate rc=500, no other useful context in any other logs I can find.

  92. reallyboring.net » as if by magic… Says:

    [...] photos from iPhoto to Gallery2. Fortunately, in this case, the fix was hiding in plain sight, in a comment thread on the publisher’s site. For the record (and to help the search engine gods get a grip on this, so that other people might [...]

  93. Chad Says:

    Does anyone know if this works with iPhoto ’08?

  94. Zach Wily Says:

    Reports are that it works fine with iPhoto ’08

  95. Matt Jones Says:

    I could not get this plugin to load with iPhoto 08

    The tab in the export window is greyed out.

    Also, can someone post their .htaccess file for me to use with my site? I still get the server error 500 no matter what I do.

  96. DucaWim Says:

    The download does seem to deliver an incorrect zip-file.
    My stuff..expander gives an error while trying to open it…..

  97. Christian Says:

    Here’s a statement of the three things that solved the 1001 error for me.

    a) I compiled and installed mod_security for Apache (on OSX server) so that the SecFilterEngine Off and SecFilterScanPOST Off .htaccess instructions would be valid (without mod_security the content in the .htaccess file in my wordpress directory is not recognised and Apache throws an error). I loosely followed the instructions here: http://tinyurl.com/ytc8x4 as the macports mod_security module isn’t up-to-date with the release version and wouldn’t install due to an MD5 mismatch.

    b) I recursively reset the ownership of all files in my gallery2 data directory to using chmod. e.g. (on my OSX server):

    sudo chmod -R admin:admin /G2DATA

    c) I recursively reset permissions on the content of my gallery2 data directory (and the root folder itself) to 777. e.g.

    sudo chmod -R 777 /G2DATA

    I hope that helps someone. Not all steps might be required for your installation, but now it’s all working for me I’m sure you’ll appreciate that I have *zero* desire to go fiddling with it any further!!

  98. chad Says:


    you have to click on the gallery tab twice!

    try that


  99. Jay Says:

    I was pulling my hair out, then I found this thread. Might like to see the short version posted to the front page.

    Adding the line in .htaccess didn’t work initially, but then I found out how to upgrade the remote access plugin to 1.0.9, and as others have noted, this seems to have fixed the issue.

    Thank god. This plugin makes a huge difference for me, as soon as I have two cents to rub together, I’ll donate one via paypal.

  100. Matt Says:

    iPhotoToGallery was working fine until we switched hosting provider a couple of months ago… Now I just get the Error 1001 with it. Remote is 1.0.9, tried the .htaccess but just got a 500 HTTP error… I’m stuck!

  101. chad Says:

    iPhoto 7.0.2 – latest update breaks the plugin
    it worked in 7.0 and 7.0.1

    Doesn’t even show up in the plug-in list.


  102. chad Says:

    I mean it doesn’t show up in the export list (tabs)

  103. Sarah Says:

    I am running iPhoto ’08 Ver. 7.0.1 and had to do the following to get the plugin to work

    1. Upgrade to most recent Gallery 2 (2.2.3)
    2. Upgrade the Remote plugin (1.0.9 I think)

    Now it’s uploading and making albums without the 1001 error. Thank you Zach for a great plugin!

  104. Michael Says:

    I had problems with iPhoto 7.0.2, Gallery 2.2.3, iPhotoToGallery 0.67 but these were fixed by upgarding the Remote plugin in Gallery to version 1.0.9.

    Thanks for the tips, everyone!

  105. Michael Says:

    Whoops, I’m using iPhoto 6.0.6 – but the upgrade to the Remote plugin worked anyway!

  106. Aaron Ouellette Says:

    I had to use the following as mentioned above.
    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off

  107. pegatinas Says:

    Had the same problems as Michael . . . but are fixed now. Thanks all for being here to read our concerns and helping us to fix it.

  108. Alberto Nakayama Says:

    Amazing! It works just perfect.

    I’m using iPhoto 6.0.6 as well =)


  109. Ted Says:

    Gallery version = 2.2.4 core
    iPhoto 6.06 (322)

    *** Unable to apply “SecFilterEngine Off” because my hoster will not allow it due to mod_security settings on their server ***

    This is a brilliant plugin, however, if more hosters begin to deny the “SecFilterEngine Off” workaround, there will be more people left out.

    Anyone know of a way of working around this workaround?


  110. Rational Says:

    iPhotoToGallery was working fine until we switched hosting provider a couple of months ago… Now I just get the Error 1001 with it. Remote is 1.0.9, tried the .htaccess but just got a 500 HTTP error… I’m stuck!

  111. Robert Nicholson Says:

    Me too I’m stuck as well all of a sudden my provider gives me Unknown Error: 1001 errors too when trying to create a new album.