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iPhotoToGallery 0.67, works with iPhoto 7.0.2 (iPhoto ’08)

Come and get it: iPhotoToGallerySeveral people sent in patches – thank you! It made doing the fix really easy. (I’ve also received a patch that enables converting movies to flash and uploading them as well – look for that to be included soon.) 

55 responses to “iPhotoToGallery 0.67, works with iPhoto 7.0.2 (iPhoto ’08)”

  1. Matt Jones Says:

    I cannot thank you enough for updating this plugin. It is extremely useful and I hope to donate in the future.

    Just curious, why are my images losing so much quality during the resize and upload?

  2. robert Says:

    awesome!! i can’t wait to use this. and if a convert to flash and upload feature becomes available, wow…i don’t know what i would do!! awesome!


  3. Jeremy Jongsma Says:

    Great stuff, thanks!

    Two features that would make it perfect are customizable compression levels on resizing (it currently is way too lossy for my tastes, like Matt Jones said), and the ability to specify a date for a new album – I rarely want the newly created album to use today’s date rather than the date of the event.

  4. Jeremy Jongsma Says:

    And yeah, I’ll send you $20 if you add those features. :)

  5. Guillaume Boudreau Says:

    Nice update! Thank you very much. Installed on two Macs where I used previous versions, and it worked just fine on one of them, but on the other, I get a “” error. I checked my Gallery HTTP server’s log, and I don’t see any request that reach it. I tried to access the Gallery from Firefox on the same computer, and it worked fine.
    Any idea? Anything else I could try to do to help debug this problem? Maybe trace packets or something similar?

  6. Guillaume Boudreau Says:

    It seems to have problems with SSL handshakes; might be with my web server.
    Again, thanks for the great plugin.

  7. Hans Says:

    Yeah, access to compression levels and tighter control on dates would be excellent!

    Thank you!!

  8. Stephan Says:

    Thanks, thanks! I will donate again…

  9. user Says:

    As a follow up to the error code 1001 iPhotoToGallery gives. Adding a line to the drupal .htaccess file (in main drupal directory) seems to sort it. It all seems to be working.

    The same applies to Gallery2 if you use gallery.module.


    SecFilterEngine Off
    Somewhere either at top or bottom of the .htaccess file in drupal root dir and/or gallery2′s root dir to fix either or both.

    This should solve the error code: 1001 error cosde iPhotoToGallery has been giving me for ages.

  10. Jess Have Says:

    This version doesn’t work either. 1001 error after adding the “SecFilterEngine Off” to .htaccess files. Hasn’t worked for years now :-(
    Have to upload via web browser :-(

  11. Peter K Says:

    I installed both Gallery 2.2 and iPhotoToGallery 0.67 to work with my iPhoto 7.02, but keep getting the 1001 error. As I am rather a greenhorn, I am not too familiar with the changes proposed in the php side.

    Thanks for any hints! I will be happy to donate for this great functionality if it works.

  12. Nicole Says:

    Yep. Getting the 1001 error too. :(

  13. Noah Says:

    yes getting 1001 error too. Using Gallery 2.2.3, iPhoto 8, on Dreamhost. Any suggestions.

  14. Damien Says:

    The authentication system changed with Gallery 2, but there had been other changes to the API in the 2.0-2.1 cycle that also seemed to cause problems.

  15. emd Says:

    Version 0.67 does not seem to work with the latest version of Gallery.

  16. Chris Lee Says:

    Getting 1001 error. Using Gallery 2.2.3, iPhoto 8, on webmasters.com (PHP5, Apache, MySQL)

  17. Colin Says:

    Same error since the first version….always 1001 error…..;(

  18. stefan Says:

    @ commenter nr. 9

    SecFilterEngine Off

    has worked! 1001 error disappeared, THANK YOU!

  19. Amelia Says:

    Using iPhoto 7.10, Plugin 0.67, I can’t export to Gallery at all (I could with earlier version of iPhoto & Plugin). Now when I try to export, I get a ‘bad username/password’ error in the export window in iPhoto. I can login to the Gallery website (directly) fine, so I know the userid & password are good. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

  20. Narcogen Says:

    Also seeing the 1001 error here– after login, when fetching albums.

    Tried creating another admin user– no help.

    Added SecFilterEngine Off to php.ini– no help.

  21. Colin Says:

    GREAT….YES, the Tip from Nr.9 works well!!!!

  22. caio1982 Says:

    Same here as Narcogen from comment #20, although I changed my .htacces, not php.ini… *sigh* :-(

  23. Step Says:

    I had the same problem, error 1001. First thing to do: use Gallery Remote, as it sometimes gives more specific error codes. In my case, I started seeing “http error 500″, which led me to this result:

    I thought I had already checked and updated my Remote module to 1.09 or greater, but when I checked again it was back down to 1.06. Not sure why, but this tip did work for me once I stopped ignoring it. If it works for others of you, I’ll see if I can find out more about why…. also, is everyone having problems on Dreamhost? If so, it might be something special to their 1-click install?

  24. kit Says:


    You are the man. That was the problem, and unfortunately the iPhotoToGallery website is still linking users to the 1.0.6 version that results in the 1001 error.

    Changing the .htaccess file actually crashed my entire gallery, but upgrading to Remote 1.0.9 solved my issue.

  25. sixoh1 Says:

    Thanks for this great software!

  26. Devan Says:

    It doesn’t work for me (error:1001) if it required HTTP authentication (htpasswd, htaccess), even if I have specified the username/password in the gallery set up. I can log in and view/add albums, but cannot upload photographs if I have HTTP authentication. It works when I remove the .htaccess file.

  27. Devan Says:

    Turns out that the HTTP authentication isn’t actually used for the ‘export’ function; just for the log in and create albums (I deduced this from server logs). The temporary fix for me was to not require HTTP authentication for ‘POST’ actions on the server. You can do this by putting:

    require user username

    in your .htaccess file.

  28. Devan Says:

    OK the LIMIT tags didn’t come through on my previous comment, but you can read about them here: http://www.apacheweek.com/features/userauth

  29. Vicelow Says:

    I still can’t upload. Unfortunaltely, I don’t know what broke the plug-in’s functionality. iPhoto 7.1, server changes, gallery 2.2.3 update, whatever. “export failed after 0 photos were uploaded”. Please do something, Zach!!! Any hint, someone?

  30. Jeremy Jongsma Says:

    Compression artifacts can be significantly reduced with the following patch:

    Index: Source/ImageResizer.m
    — Source/ImageResizer.m (revision 53)
    +++ Source/ImageResizer.m (working copy)
    @@ -75,6 +75,7 @@

    // Now the exporter
    OpenADefaultComponent(GraphicsExporterComponentType, kQTFileTypeJPEG, &exportComponent);
    + GraphicsExportSetCompressionQuality(exportComponent, codecHighQuality);

    GraphicsExportSetInputGraphicsImporter(exportComponent, importComponent);

  31. Matthew Metzger Says:

    This plugin is very valuable. Thanks for your work on it.

    I’ve been able to connect and upload photos to our school website gallery using my computer, but not on my boss’s laptop. Error 1001. Since the upload process works on my computer, I’m assuming that the server setup is okay and that the problem lies with my boss’s laptop. OS X 10.4.11 PPC, iPhoto 7.1.1.

    My computer is OS X 10.4.10 Intel, iPhoto 7.1

    The same error happened on my boss’s computer before I upgraded it to the latest OS and iPhoto. The only difference that I see is that her laptop is PPC and mine is Intel.

    If other people are having problems, what hardware architecture are you running on? PPC or Intel?

    Thanks and I hope we can figure out this error 1001 problem.

  32. Matthew Metzger Says:

    Just another note, I am using Basic Auth on my gallery2 install. It sounds like other people are having problems with that, too. My boss’s laptop will login to the gallery from the plugin and load the album names just fine. However, the upload gives error 1001.

    The same software, connecting to the same gallery, on my Intel MacBook works just fine.

  33. Matthew Metzger Says:

    Further up in the comments, Devan posted something helpful on November 7th. Take a look at the apache documentation he posted.

    Limit GET
    Require user username

    this worked for me. I can now upload from my boss’s PCC laptop. I have no idea why it worked from my computer and not from hers or why this change on the server made uploading work from her computer.

    In any case Devan’s suggestion was the one that solved the problem for me. (hopefully I won’t have any more problems)

  34. ciamac Says:

    i have no idea what has changed but i installed you update and
    still get the “request to server failed” alert.

  35. Daniel Griscom Says:

    I’m using iPhotoToGallery 0.67 with Gallery 2.2.3, and have been having the “export failed” with error 1001 problem. I traced it down to an httpd authentication problem: I’m using mod_auth to require a username and password to access the directory containing Gallery as well as Gallery itself. Even though iPhotoToGallery has a place to specify a username and password for HTTP Basic Authentication, and this allows iPhotoToGallery to connect to Gallery, the upload still fails at the end.

    I tried the standard Gallery Remote client, and it, too, has problems with this setup, even after it asks for a username and password. The log shows it getting Error 401 responses to various requests.

    Removing the username/password requirement allows iPhotoToGallery to work. My guess is that there’s some bug in the Gallery Remote module that can’t handle mod_auth protection.


  36. Pascal Hos Says:

    The fix is to upgrade your gallery remote module:


  37. Vicelow Says:

    Referring to my previous post (29), I retrieved a server log that indicates that Gallery searches for a file gallery_remote2.php in my installation. (script ‘/home/www/sp01_75/html/galerie2/gallery_remote2.php’ not found or unable to stat) After trying numerous attempts to fix that problem, I still get that error in iPhototoGallery (export failed after 0 photos were uploaded) Any guess? Please help!

  38. seamonkey Says:

    i can confirm some combination of the above fixed gallery 2.2 on dreamhost connecting with iphoto6.06. I was getting the 1001 error, until I:

    -upgraded remote to 1.09
    -upgraded upload applet to 1.07
    -used a seperate ‘upload’ user with admin rights rather than ‘admin’
    -added the .htaccess with SecFilterEngine Off

    the plugin updates were the last thing I did, and that seemed to fix it. other dreamhost folk may want to start with that.

  39. griswold Says:

    I can also confirm that with the updates from Pascal’s link above and with the .httaccess mod this is fixed on Dreamhost gallery 2.2, with iPhoto7.1

    FROM LINKED SITE (http://gallery.menalto.com/node/61717#comment-242284):
    1. Download these zip files and unzipped them:
    >>> “remote” (version 1.0.9) – http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/gallery/g2-module-remote-1.0.9.zip
    >>> “upload applet” (1.0.7) – http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/gallery/g2-module-uploadapplet-1.0.7.zip
    2. Open your FTP and go into your gallery folder.
    3. Parent directory -> “Your gallery folder” -> modules -> scroll down and you’ll see the “remote” and “uploadapplet” folders.
    4. Replace these files with the updates you downloaded.
    5. Log back into your Gallery -> Site Admin -> Plugins -> and the icons won’t be locked anymore and you’ll have the option to upgrade them!
    6. Remote Gallery will now work!

    1. Use FTP to add an .htaccess file to the root of the gallery site with the following line:
    SecFilterEngine Off

    THAT’S IT! Thanks to all those who laboured long and hard to find this. You’ve saved much heart and headache. THANKS!

  40. Jared Says:

    Any chance on getting access to the jpeg quality settings?

  41. Jesse Says:

    Using iPhoto ’08, iPhotoToGallery 0.67, and Gallery2 SVN with remote plugin 1.0.12, I keep getting “Bad username/password” when trying to log in to the gallery in iPhoto export. I have a feeling this may have something to do with a change in how the remote plugin handles logins, meaning a change to how iPTG sends the information. Anyone found a fix for this? I’ll download the source and see if I can’t figure it out.

  42. Jesse Says:

    Problem solved! iPtG URI-escapes passwords, but Gallery chokes and returns “Bad username/password” if there is an “&” or other problematic character in the password.

    Solution for now: change the password :)

  43. Scott Says:

    SecFilterEngine Off
    worked for me (iPhoto 6.0.6 & Gallery 2.2.4 – no more 1001 errors

  44. Andy Says:

    Hello, Wery powerful plugin. Thanks. I have donate but please solve quality issues my photos have strange lines on the bottom and are too poor in detail: this is important. Otherwise wery nice job :-)


  45. Dan Says:

    Now when I upload from iPhoto 08, OSX 10.5.1, all I get are thumbnails; the large images will not display. If I upload using the web interface, all works well. Images uploaded to older albums under 10.4.x work fine still. PHP memory limit set to 32 MB. This is on shared host at bluehost.com.

    I upgraded Gallery from 2.2.4 to 2.2.4, switched various modules on/off – no joy.

    Anyone else seeing this behavior?

    Suggestions gratefully accepted.

    Here is the system details output:

    Gallery version = 2.2.4 core
    PHP version = 5.2.5 cgi-fcgi
    Webserver = Apache/2.2.6 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.6 OpenSSL/0.9.8g DAV/2 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/
    Database = mysqlt 5.0.45-community-log, lock.system=flock
    Toolkits = ArchiveUpload, Exif, Ffmpeg, Gd, ImageMagick, NetPBM
    Acceleration = none, none
    Operating system = Linux box358.bluehost.com 2.6.22-9_1.BHsmp #1 SMP Fri Sep 28 23:36:16 MDT 2007 x86_64
    Default theme = matrix
    gettext = enabled
    Locale = en_US
    Browser = Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/523.10.6 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.0.4 Safari/523.10.6
    Rows in GalleryAccessMap table = 41
    Rows in GalleryAccessSubscriberMap table = 1030
    Rows in GalleryUser table = 6
    Rows in GalleryItem table = 1030
    Rows in GalleryAlbumItem table = 25
    Rows in GalleryCacheMap table = 0

  46. Dan Says:

    I shouldn’t “answer” my own post, but I learned a lot over the past two days. The problem was not iPhotoToGallery ( ! ), but the graphics modules in Gallery. I finally found a Gallery FAQ which suggested uninstalling GD, ImageMagick and NetPBM, then reinstalling. This did the trick, though the warning Gallery offers before doing so makes you stop and consider carefully.

    Keep up the good work.

  47. Adam Says:

    I’m using Apache 2.2, Gallery 2.2.4, and iPhoto 7.1.2. I am having the same 1001 error people have written about above. In my case, its definitely the .htaccess authentication that is causing the problem. When I disable the .htaccess files, the upload to Gallery works. Under Apache 2.2, the SecFilterEngine won’t work. It would be great if this app could be fixed or a secure work-around is posted. Thanks.

  48. Doudou Says:

    Thanks a lot for this plugin. This is absolutely great and simple to install/use. I just found it while thinking about implementing it and I am really delighted.

  49. dj Says:

    any chance of an update, to integrate google maps into the upload?

  50. Nicolas Lenoir Says:

    Seems to have a problem to export through the last version of iPhoto 7.1.3, does any body get this message “No gallery found at URL” following the last iPhoto update ?

  51. Sum0 Says:

    I had the 1001 export error for ages, but thanks to Dan’s trick (uninstalling GD, ImageMagick and NetPBM, then reinstalling) it’s working perfectly again. Fantastic, and fantastic plugin!

  52. jc Says:

    I’m getting the same “No gallery found at URL” error.

    OSX 10.5.4
    iPhoto 7.1.3
    Gallery 2.2.4
    Installed on BlueHost

    Tried uninstalling and reinstalling all of the image handling binaries.

    no joy.


  53. Tyson Says:

    I heard how cool your tool was.
    I’m experiencing the same issues with “no gallery found at url”

    Address: tysonkreger.com/gallery/main.php

    OSX 10.5.5
    iphoto 7.1.4
    Gallery 2
    hmmmm… any suggestions?

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    [...] some digging around, I found another plugin called iPhotoToGallery. I have uploaded about 200 picutres so far using it and it is working quite well. It seems a little [...]

  55. estetik Says:

    I shouldn’t “answer” my own post, but I learned a lot over the past two days. The problem was not iPhotoToGallery ( ! ), but the graphics modules in Gallery. I finally found a Gallery FAQ which suggested uninstalling GD, ImageMagick and NetPBM, then reinstalling. This did the trick, though the warning Gallery offers before doing so makes you stop and consider carefully.