iPhotoToGallery is no longer supported, and this content is now archived for posterity. Feel free to fork it on GitHub.

Source moved to github

Just a quick note that the iPhotoToGallery source code has moved to github:


6 responses to “Source moved to github”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hey – this tool is awesome!!!!!

    Does it use the Gallery site’s compression settings when resizing images? Or is there a compression setting somewhere in the iPhotoToGallery source code? I’ve noticed the JPG quality of my 1st few exports is a bit lower than I would have thought for 90% (what my Gallery site is set at) so I thought I’d ask.

  2. Roland Roberts Says:

    Alas, this appears to no longer work since iPhoto 7.1.x back in Feb 2009. Has it been abandoned?

  3. macmedix Says:

    FYI; This plugin STILL WORKS FINE with iPhoto v8.1.2 part of iLife 09. No problems! I donated and hope the plug-in will continue to be maintained as necessary.

  4. choepie Says:

    Should it work with Gallery3 ? It doesn’t for me… I (still) see the gallery tab in my export settings as before, but the program doesn’t seem to recognize a Gallery3. Cheers for checking.

  5. boecko Says:

    look here


  6. choepie Says:

    thanks, but doesn’t work.
    iPhoto crashes as soon as I select the gallery3 tab in the export.