iPhotoToGallery is no longer supported, and this content is now archived for posterity. Feel free to fork it on GitHub.

New site look…

I’ve finally pulled the iPhotoToGallery site design out of whatever decade it was stuck in, and gave it a newer look. The biggest addition that actually means anything is that I added a support wiki (look to the right!) so it’s easier to ask and answer questions.

Anyway, I’m aware that my design skills are severely lacking, but I try, so there you go. :)

iPhotoToGallery: Source code released.

Another huge “finally!”… After promising to open-source iPhotoToGallery more than a year ago, I’m finally getting around to it. With each new version you’ll be able to download the source code from the download page. Eventually I’ll set up my svn repository with http access. It’s licensed under a BSD license, so you can do pretty much whatever you want with it.

Please send me cool patches!

Get it from the downloads page here.

Update: Please be forgiving when looking at my code. This was literally the first OS X program I wrote, and it’s very obvious in some parts. A complete rewrite with what I know now would look much different. :)

iPhotoToGallery-0.65: Finally Universal!

I apologize heartily for the delay, but I finally found a few hours to put into iPhotoToGallery this weekend and recompiled it as a Universal binary. I don’t have an Intel Mac to test on, but early reports are that it works. So, all you Mactel users get it here.

iPhoto 6? Yes!

Just a quick note to let you know that I tried the current version (0.62) of iPhotoToGallery on iPhoto 6, and it all seemed to work well.

QuickTime 7 and iPhotoToGallery

If you’ve just upgraded to iPhotoToGallery 0.62 and the Gallery tab no longer shows up in the Export window, you most likely don’t have QuickTime 7 installed. I’m working on fixing the plugin so that that’s not a requirement, but in the meantime you can either upgrade to QT7 or use version 0.52 of iPhotoToGallery.